Mercedes-AMG delivered something special as the previous generation C63 model was bold and brutal and it’s no surprise as to why it was the most popular AMG model. This time the engineers at Affalterbach have brought us a little more choice with the 350kW and 650nm C63 and for those wanting a little more, a 375kW version with a whopping 700nm of torque. With time though, we need to move forward and with the addition of turbochargers and downsizing in vehicles, which up until now Mercedes-AMG have done well with, could the new Mercedes-AMG C63 models live up to the high standard, which the outgoing model has created?

Beginning at the beginning, the new Mercedes-AMG C63 is more aggressive and the options to style your AMG can become very personalized, however it’s made a little easier with the Edition 1 package at launch featuring the Night Package together with decals and a specific interior. Lifting the bonnet, you’re greeted with the new 4.0L V8 bi-turbo engine, with the turbochargers placed inside the V of the engine ensuring the design is compact, keeping energy loss at a minimum and keeping the turbo response in check. I was a little skeptical at first as I’ve personally grown to love the outgoing naturally aspired V8 but more on this in a bit.

Stepping inside the already luxurious interior of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class has been stepped up and feels more focused to driving while adding more luxury in terms of feel and finish. Hearing the Mercedes-AMG C63 start up is a sound to savour and even with addition of turbochargers, there are no fake sounds. Before you get going, there’s an array of modes and options to select to your personal taste but in this case you just need to drive it, enjoy it and later adjust it to your needs.

Driving the car, you’ll quickly learn just how new this beast is and that’s where the beauty lies. The transmission, three damping options, combined with the engine has really transformed this vehicle into something else. I mentioned earlier I was a bit skeptical with the new engine and it would take away from the new models. I was proved wrong quicker than the 0-100km/h time. 4.1 seconds in the C63 and 4.0 seconds in the C63S but driving it, you’ll be surprised how it performs and even numbers can be topped. Turbos? Feels more like a surge of enjoyment from idle to the red line.

The new Mercedes-AMG C63 is already something, what about the C63S Model. Is it worth it? I asked myself the same thing. How much better can it be? When you reach a level of just how exceptional something can be, you begin to question if it really can get any better. The short time I did spend with C63S, it has to be mentioned the electronic rear-locking differential already makes a difference over the mechanical differential in the “standard” C63. That’s if you can call the C63 standard. That said the additional 25kW and 50nm torque really make the difference here. From start up to turning the ignition off after an enjoyable drive; your smile will be that much wider and longer lasting.

Two interesting points to mention was, driving both vehicles in traffic and on the open road, you’d expect to own shares in your local filling station, but even after enjoying the vehicle and glancing at your consumption, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that you’re not using that much, leaving room to enjoy it so much more. Whether stationary, moving, inside or out, there’s beauty to be observed both in design and engineering and Mercedes-AMG have really taken what you know and notched it up past expectation.

The price with the new model has been kept low in comparison to that of the outgoing model and how much more new models normally cost. Add to the fact that it’s lighter, newer, faster and more fun to drive, how can you deny yourself to do anything but embrace the new Mercedes-AMG C63 and C63S. It’s more engaging and makes you want to drive it more. The only question is if you’d take the C63 or the C63S model. That answer is down to your personality but it’s best experienced behind the wheel.

There’s a duality about this car that I love, whether you’re moving through traffic, between traffic lights or enjoying the beautiful sound of that V8 on the open road, the Mercedes-AMG responds well in all situations and together with all the work that went into the transmission, body, brakes and that magnificent engine, the new C63 and C63S rewards and is always ready when you need it. I’ll leave you with a little snippet below of the symphony of sound of the new Mercedes-AMG C63S model.