The Ivy is located in the middle of the city and the pool area really stands out amongst the urban landscape of the city. The Ivy Complex itself last night launched Ministry of Sound Australia and Sydney is the prime choice for it. With that every Saturday they’ll be taking over The Ivy. I decided to check out the launch.

You can’t have Ministry of Sound without international DJ’s and Sandy Rivera was the main act. For those unfamiliar, think of the legendary Kings of Tomorrow Finally. Yes, that man. He really rocked the Pool Club and turned it into a full on dance floor. Had it been a day party, I’m sure everyone would have been in the pool too. Drinks and champagne was flowing and between the champagne in the cabana and the dancefloor, I was a busy man.

As the night moved on, inside in the venue, Peking Duk had everyone moving and all you could see were hands and phones up in the air. It’s 2017 clubbing after all.

Ministry of Sound in Sydney Australia combined with The Ivy Complex really works well as whether you want to chill by the pool to some tracks, hit the dancefloor, rave away inside or have a VIP experience, it has it all. Looking forward to more of this.