When there’s something new, the internet is ready to present you with countless images and sometimes you’re not too sure what to expect. This was the case with the Mercedes-AMG GT and GT S. I knew what it was there for and being a new vehicle, not a successor, I had my doubts as today, in 2015, with so much choice, there’s a lot of competition. Mercedes-AMG have come with a strong desire to crush all with design, style and engineering and as mentioned, I had my doubts until I witnessed the roar, the goose bumps and the sight that is the new Mercedes-AMG GT S.

This is the second vehicle from Mercedes-AMG built from the ground up, this time with a 4 litre twin-turbo V8 and in the guise of the AMG GT S, it’s packing 375kW and enough torque to kick you fiercely into the back of those highly detailed, luxurious but sporty seats. 650Nm. The standard, if you can call it that, AMG GT produces 340kW and 600Nm which is more than sufficient for most. Appreciating the vehicle in reality, you’re presented with nothing but design, attention to detail and a shape that will definitely make an impression, taking Mercedes-AMG to all new levels of excellence.

It’s a beautiful and intriguing vehicle to look at from the large from air intakes, to the sculpted long bonnets and flowing lines, it really is a case of design and emotion combined. There’s an instant impression set and there’s no denying Mercedes-AMG set out to not only turn heads but design a vehicle that sets itself from the rest. Appreciating it in reality, it’s a flow of lines and curves to create a product that is known to be “Handcrafted By Racers”. A vehicle born on the track but one that can really be experienced and enjoyed anywhere.

Stepping inside, you immediately feel welcome, but one thing is clear, the car feels as if it’s designed around the driver and it wants to be driven. There’s a sense of craftsmanship here, looking around the interior of the vehicle and it not only feels solid but makes you the driver feel special. It’s possible to be sporty and luxurious and you need to experience it for yourself to understand the package that Mercedes-AMG have presented with the AMG GT and GT S. Press the engine start button and you’re greeted by that real AMG sound. The V8 is still here. Yes there are turbos but one thing it does not have are fake sounds. It’s all real, in the cabin and through the exhaust note.

When driving the new Mercedes-AMG GT, you begin to notice that even with the GT S, you feel as you can drive anywhere. It’s firm but far from uncomfortable and whether you’re covering long stretches of tarmac or carrying out daily tasks it does well. It’s low slung but not impossible. Speed bumps are a very real challenge in this sector but the AMG GT cruises on and even on back roads, there’s no need for a kidney belt. You’re going to want to enjoy every moment in this vehicle when you purchase one because it wants to be driven and you feel as if you want to drive it. The driving position also lends itself to enjoying more of the vehicle as there’s no fatigue over long distances and you feel engaged which is important in a car like this.

It’s fast but has a number of toys too. In terms of tech and toys, the COMAND Online, Burmester sound system and panoramic sunroof are personal favourites, however some in terms of the roof, some may opt for the carbon fiber roof as part of the Edition 1 pack which includes those amazing wheels seen below, AMG Performance seats, fin and front splitter. The AMG GT can really stand out for anyone due to the range of personalisation options.

This is unlike any other AMG. You may think you know the brand and how the vehicles drive, until you drive this. It takes a moment to get to know the vehicle but that’s not a bad thing. To master anything in life, you need time and understanding and the same applies here. The hydraulic steering is precise and the gearshifts as quick. Add that to the balance and power and you can really be precise and fast while defying your own mind. It may be handcrafted by racers but racers have a life outside racing and that’s the beauty here. It’s not bone-jarring or unmanageable. It is what you want it to be.

So how is the second fully built Mercedes-AMG vehicle? It should not be compared to the SLS AMG, instead the AMG GT and AMG GT S should be seen as a new point for Mercedes-AMG, entering a new market now with experience, customer feedback and new purpose. It’s the new of Mercedes-AMG combining technology, design and luxury. It’s a new car in a market that’s been previously unchallenged. In that lies the opportunity. Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG have laid down the hammer before and with the Mercedes-AMG GT and GT S, they’re set to do it again.