This week marked the launch of the McLaren 570S Spider in Sydney and on launch day the weather wasn’t the greatest but come launch time, the clouds had parted to reveal a stunning evening. Perfect for the launch of a new car and a great location too at Pier One Sydney with the car positioned nicely under the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge.

I was in attendance for the unveiling of the new McLaren 570S Spider and what a beauty it is when the roof is down and in the Spider version. Thanks to McLaren’s carbon tub, you’re not losing anything (not even rigidity) other than given the additional option of the roof going down in 15 seconds and the benefit of sexier rear lines.

The 570S Spider is the latest in the McLaren Sports series and sits along the 540C, 570S and 570GT. It’s launching in three colours with the Sicilian Yellow and Curacao Blue being my favourites as it really gives the already stunning car more presence.

George Biggs, MD of McLaren Automotive Asia and Alex Long, McLaren’s Global Head of Product were also in attendance to provide greater insight into the brand and where McLaren are going and it was really great chatting to the everyone at McLaren.

Would I buy one? Well, I’m really a big fan of the 570S Spider and cannot wait to drive it after driving the already impressive 570GT and 570S. Here’s a small video showing the McLaren 570S Launch off as well as some details of the car.