Johnny Fontane’s opened in Darlinghurst lately and heard there was pizza so I definitely decided I’m checking it out.

77 Stanley Street is the home to Johnny Fontane a bar inspired by The Godfather, hence the name. It’s also Sydney’s first deep dish styled pizza. Expect mozzarella cheese, meatballs, herbs and real tomato sauce as well as other pizzas to suit your taste. There’s even one for vegetarians. As if the good food couldn’t get better, there’s arancini and pasta too. Pizza is one thing but you know I love cocktails and there’s a number of creative twists on their cocktail menu. If you want a classic mention it but be adventurous and try what they have.

There are four spaces to Johnny Fontane’s and if you’re into cigars, speak to them about it, they have quality cigars too. That and a Negroni, you can’t go wrong. The unique design, decor and music all come together very nicely with the food and of course good company. I really enjoyed Johnny Fontane’s and will be back very soon.