Johnnie Walker turned the iconic Icebergs Bar in Bondi into a winter wonderland for the release of their new Whisky which they teamed up with HBO and Game of Thrones for, bringing you the spirit of the Frozen North.

The room was laden with ice sculptures to fit the theme of White Walker and the collaboration of the brands combined with a degustation complimenting White Walker which is best enjoyed served straight from the freezer to bring out that smooth vanilla and caramel notes together with the oak flavour.

In addition to the whisky tastings held throughout the evening we got a taste of Johnnie Walker White Walker in a variety of cocktails. One of my favourites being the Highgarden Fizz which was by Orlando Marzo who recently won the World’s Best Bartender and it’s made from strawberry syrup and yuzu soda with White Walker.

A stunning evening and the perfect setting to enjoy quality whisky and experience the new Johnnie Walker White Walker. It’s really something special and I myself am off to grab a few bottles.