Glenfiddich have collaborated with PS40, a Soda Factory in Sydney to create an experimental line of Soda’s to compliment the Glenfiddich Experimental Series and to create Highballs to enjoy in style.

Luke Sanderson, the Glenfiddich ambassador has come up with this together with Michael Cheim and Thor Bergquist from PS40 to create a range of limited edition sodas namely PS Pandan Barley and PS Strawberry Gum Leaf. These sodas then suit the range Project XX and IPA from Glenfiddich.

During the evening, we got to try to make our own sodas to learn the process but also expand our taste buds.

Also Luke from Glenfiddich took us on a journey and Whisky tasting giving us insight into the series but also what flavours and notes come from each whisky.

A standout for me was the Pandan Barley soda which goes with the IPA and consists of lemon barley soda with pandan leaf. It really works well and I’d recommend you really try if you have the chance as it’s available at a number of bars in Sydney such as Zeta, Argyle and the Soda Factory to name a few. It’s really a unique release and I’m looking forward to what comes from both Soda Factory and Glenfiddich next.