If you love whisky you know about appreciation and flavour but there are occasions when you just want to get into it. Last night though, it was another story entirely as I had the privilege of enjoying 21, 25 and 30 year old. That was just the start… The main event was the Glenfiddich 1977 Rare Cask Whisky which truly stood out from the rest in more ways than one.

The 1977 Glenfiddich Whisky made possible thanks to a collaboration between Heinemann Duty-Free and Glenfiddich Master Blender who selected and bottled Rare Cask No.15176. It’s a truly special release with only 150 bottles costing $4352 available exclusively at Sydney’s Heinemann Duty-Free.

It was a night filled with good memories, making new friends, enjoying good whisky and celebration. It was clear that everyone savoured and enjoyed the selection on hand and there was the room was abuzz prior to sipping on the 1977 Glenfiddich Rare Cask. 40 years of magic in a bottle. Worth mentioning that all of the whisky was enjoyed in Waterford crystal just to add to the special feeling of the evening. Truly amazing.

It’s one of those nights worth remembering and I put together a small video below to give you sneak peak into the night out.