It’s the weekend and the sun is out and you’re wanting to head out and take advantage of those sunny days and some welcomed time away. What better car to pick then the new BMW X5. You may be thinking but why, well keep on reading to see what my experience was. As from being an all new X5, you can’t ignore from the start that with its new bold design aesthetic, it’s already off to a good start but what is it all about?

Just pulling out of my parking area heading out for the weekend, it’s easy to feel connected to the car immediately with all tech at work, from the 3D maps and 360º parking to all the necessary info available to you in front of the wheel together with the heads up display. It’s easy to pick up on speed limits, where you are, where you’re going to and because I was headed out of Sydney, it’s right there and effortless.

The 3L turbo diesel engine does not even feel like one and cruises with ease with enough available power on tap when you need it. The 195kW feels ample even in a car of this size. Driving out of the city was smooth and made even with the M Sport package which aesthetically adds to the car, it didn’t feel stiff at all. Of course if you want loads of power, you could opt for the bigger engines but once you drive this model, you’ll quickly discover that it’s all you need.

Loaded up with friends and a lunch stopover, it’s an easy and comfortable fit seating wise with air conditioning controls at the back and a very decent sound system. On the way to the destination, connecting into Apple CarPlay was a breeze and with the hand gestures and voice recognition, controlling what you wanted safely made for a really intuitive engagement. Of course whether streaming or not, the iPhone was charged through the wireless charging so that’s a big plus.

The seating feels luxurious and everything on the inside is soft to touch really adding a lot of value from a sensory point of view which just adds to why it’s such a great car to not only drive but experience inside and out. Even given the long drive time and where I was headed for some much needed time out, I never felt fatigued and the seats really kept me bolstered nicely but with a great amount of comfort.

Parking it up turned a lot of heads due to styling and a few came up to ask about the X5 which I found interesting. It definitely has presence but it had a really positive impact wherever it parked.

As mentioned earlier, whether at the front or back, it’s now all digital and there’s a host of options for almost everything. Really one of the nicest things is that you can make this X5 yours from a technology standpoint and customise what you want and set what you feel. The latest iDrive is a breeze to use and with all the standard tech on offer, you couldn’t ask for more.

The new X5 handles any terrain easily and comfortably, even with the 21 inch wheels, which can I say look very nice and if you’re ordering an X5, these wheels and the pack is a must as it just gives the car that edge over the awesome vehicle it is already. It really came in handy during the weekend and I almost wanted that excuse to pop up to the shops to grab something or just use the vehicle in some way as it was that engaging to drive.

The BMW X5 xDrive30d surprised me. It really did. The reason I said it’s a great choice is, it’s sporty but with a bit of height which is really advantageous when carving through traffic and when you can’t see there’s technology that can aid you. It’s a versatile car with loads of room even if you’re packing friends of family in and luggage. It works well. It’s a well rounded vehicle with real presence and with the diesel engine, it’s economic too. Don’t be fooled by the diesel though, it packs power. It’s really no surprise as to why the BMW X5 is so popular in Australia and I have a feeling that the new BMW X5 range will just increase that popularity.