This year and this past weekend marked my first F1 Grand Prix and living in Australia, it naturally had to be the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix. Hosted in Melbourne’s Albert Park Circuit, it was definitely a jam packed weekend.

Whether you’re there for the full weekend of even race day, there’s a lot to do and if it’s your first time, I’d definitely recommend arriving early via tram which is free as well as if possible, getting the pit lane walk ticket. It’s definitely an experience to remember.

There’s a fan zone where you can see the past winners, wait for the drivers to come around if you’re wanting autographs, all the automotive manufacturers come out and display their latest cars, food, drinks and a range of entertainment. Get ready to walk and spend some time there because it’ll keep you occupied. The pit lane walk is something special. You get to see the cars, some of the drivers and feel that energy up front. It’s really something you have to experience in person.

Of course there’s the race. The start of this season in Australia was filled with surprised with Sebastian Vettel taking first place, with Hamilton in second and Bottas in third place. Ferrari gained an advantage during the pit stop for a tyre change. Underfortunately Ricciardo didn’t place anywhere due to issues with his car but we’ll see how the next race fares for him. It’ll be interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out but I’m still backing Petronas Mercedes AMG.

Check out my video summarizing my experience at the 2017 Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix to get a taste of the magic.